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Subject: My Father, Uncle and I Part 2 : Uncle and I play again.Three years after discovering a homemade jerk off video of my father it has
disappeared. I was at the time 15 y/o. I had spent days, weeks looking for the
video and I could not find it. Soon I had given up and we had moved 15
miles away from our original house. My Aunt, Uncle and cousins moved further
away, an hour and 15 to be exact rather then only 45 minutes.After we moved in and got settled I didn't have a room. There were three
rooms one for my parents, one for my brother who was older, and one for my
sister who was the oldest. I hated sharing a room underage xxx lolita porn
with my brother at our other
home so I decided to sleep on the couch in the living room. That room had the
Big TV, and Digital Cable, every channel possible back then. I liked it but
hated it when I wanted my privacy to jerk off, so I continued what I was doing
and kept jerking off in my parents room watching some of their bought porn. If
no one was home then I would flip on the Porno channel in the living room
and jerked off.At this age I had spurted to 5'7" and still growing rapidly. My penis also
gained 2" making it 6x5". Also had a lot more hair then when I was 12. I had a
full grown pubic area. Moderate hair on my chest, back, legs, armpits, and
face. My balls seemed to have dropped another 2", at this point my balls were
hanging almost halfway down my thighs. I also started to meet guys in the
mall's bathrooms in either the food court bathroom or the Macy's bathroom, and
online. I will get back to this.So after we have moved into our new home, my father started setting up the
TV with the Digital Cable. So one day it was about 12 at night I woke up out of
my sleep to get a drink of water. To my surprise I saw my father sitting at
the table no more then 7' away watching a porn but not jerking off. This
sight made me so turned on. I started to get hard so I put my hand down my
and pulled my cock up and under the Pajama pants waist band so it wouldn't be
noticeable.I walked towards my father and said "what are you watching?" in a shocked
voice. He turned his head smiled and said "I was just flipping channels and
came across this". I said "that is disgusting". Went and got a glass of water,
and by the time I got back my father had turned the TV off and changed the
channel. Then he went to sleep and so did I, but so turned on to the point
I needed to jerk off, so I turned on the porn channel and jerked off
thinking about my father just watching this.That next day me and my father went to work. He owned his own business and I
worked with him most of the weekends. As we were driving he said to me "I was
seriously just flipping the channel and the porn was on so I watched it for
a minute and was honestly going to change it", I replied "sure you meant to
change it!"We stopped talking about it when we got where we were going. I still had the
thoughts of last night in my mind and of the homemade movie of my father
jerking off which I had memorized. When we got inside the building he started
talking to his friends and telling them about what happened last night and they
all laughed. Little did they know I jerked off right after my father went to
sleep thinking about it and of his homemade movie.So after we got done work we go home and to our surprise my Aunt, Uncle and
Cousins were there. My Aunt and Uncle asked preteen lolita tgp pics me if I could go back home with
them to watch my cousins tomorrow while they worked, I agreed because I had
fantasies for my Uncle real lolita modles ass as well after we jerked off together over three years
ago. But in between the three years I tried every chance I had while at my
Uncles house to search his room in hopes of maybe finding his own homemade
But I had never found one. But I did check his computer and found a picture
of a fireman with his cock erected and in his hand. My Uncle was the only one
who knew how to use that computer in the household. I didn't think too much
of it, because I thought my Uncle got it for my Aunt because he made his own
Cards, so a personal card.At 11 at night we got to their house and I got setup in a room for bed.
Later around 2am I woke up and went downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink
water. I usually always did this. I had a hard on so I decided to go down to
the basement and watch some TV. So I continued downstairs after getting a
glass of water and I noticed it was lit up with a blueish light. I moved
and see whats on the TV. It was a porn movie of 2 guys and a girl. The girl
was taking both cocks in her mouth. As I moved closer to the TV I couldn't see
anyone there. So I kept walking and sat on the couch by the TV. I sit down
and pull out my cock.As I started to slowly jerk myself off and spit on my palm as lube I hear
someone clear their throat. I turn around to see my Uncle sitting on the single
chair facing the TV slouched in it with his cock in hand. He motions me over
to the love seat as I move over there he does as well. It seemed over the
years he had packed on about 20 lbs but still looked magnificent. He had a bit
more gray/white hair but not by much. He slowly starts jerking himself off
again and said "remember the last time we jerked off together?" I replied with
"how could I forget". He puts a huge smile on his face and starts blushing a
little.He looked down at my cock in my hand and congratulated me on the increase in
size. After he said that I started to laugh and said "what lolita bbs preteen teen do you think I
would stay 4"?" We both gave a little bit of a laugh before we saw the guys in
the porno were cumming in the girls mouth.After that scene it jumped to only 2 guys. I opened my eyes wide and my
Uncle noticed and said "hope you don't mind watching this, I would think you
wouldn't though considering you jerking off to your father's homemade movie."
Also said "I have a little attraction to other men."My eyes lit up and I said to him "so that picture on your computer was for
yourself". He grinned and looked at me with pondering eyes, and said "so you
went searching through my computer", I replied lolita bbs preteen teen saying "yes I am sorry cyber lolita child models for
doing that, but to be honest I also searched your room". He laughed and said
pervert what are you doing looking through my things."I felt belittled after he said that and soon he held my chin up and said "it
is ok, everyone is a little curious." After that I gave my Uncle a big hug
and lolita bbs preteen teen his huge hard on was against my stomach poking it. He started to laugh and
moan at the same time.I noticed this and looked up into my Uncles eyes and stared at him. He
slowly pushed me away and said "I think its time we go a little more in depth."
this point I was fully moved back lying down. My Uncle stands and comes over
to the right of me innocent lolita sex pictures next to the couch. I had racing thoughts throughout my
head wondering what was going to happen, hoping I would get what I wanted.In the next minute my Uncle bent down and put his big cock near my mouth. I
had already sucked cock and knew how to please a guy from doing it. Thank you
porn movies for teaching me how to suck cock. I practiced for days deep
throating and sucking a banana to get it perfect. Then I gave my first blow
and the guy loved it.Soon he pushed his cock head past my lips and into my mouth and slowly going
further. He stopped at around 3". I looked at him in the eyes and push the
rest of my mouth down his cock exceeding 8".He lightly moaned "ah that feels so good". Soon I had his cock all the way
down my throat to his pubes, with my tongue licking at his balls and moving my
head in circles letting his cock hit all of the walls in my mouth and
throat. He slowly started to thrust my throat seeming like his cock was going
further down. Then he picked up speed and was now fucking my face innocent lolita sex pictures viciously.
Making me take his cock all the way down, past his pubes to his pelvic bone.The force of his thrusts were making me gag a bit, but that didn't stop him
from pounding my face. Soon he moved his cock out of my mouth all of the way
then slammed back into it several times. Pulled out for the last time then he
turned his body to show his nice bubble butt. He put one hand on his cock and
continued to jerk off, and with his other he held one of his ass cheeks open
so I could access his hole.I have never rimmed or fingered another guy before because I thought it was
disgusting, hell I never had anal sex, but I wanted to please my Uncle. So I
slowly lift one hand off of my cock to hold the other side of his ass cheek
spread. I slowly lean in as if I were eating a pussy and stick my tongue onto
his asshole. I was wondering what it would taste like at first, if it would
be disgusting or clean. He was clean as a whistle and still smelling like soap.
So I move my mouth and tongue and start puckering his asshole making him
moan "rim that hole boy, make me squeeze it on your tongue, yeah that's it
at the erotic pleasure he was getting from it, I could tell by his shudders.Soon I felt like I was eating his asshole perfectly. Moving my tongue in and
out of it and licking and kissing on and around his hole. After about 20
mintues of rimming him he turns around and says "Open Wide". I did as told and
opened my mouth wide. No more then 5 minutes later I see and feel my Uncles
balls tighten and his back arch forward. I knew what was going to happen, he
going to cum.I do almost the same thing when I cum. Then it happened.... He exploded shot
after shot of cum into my mouth and down my throat moaning at a high pitch
"yeah take that fucking cum boy, lick it up, don't waste any of that!" So I do
as told and cleaned up his cock and all of the cum he made. He sat down for
about 10 minutes then put on his pants and went upstairs to his room.I was so mad when he went upstairs, I didn't get to get off! But I guess he
figured after what we just did, that I would jerk off plus I had the porn
still on. After I got done jerking off I turned everything off and went to
But I had a hard time trying to get to bed. I ended up jerking off one more
time before sleep.I woke up the next day at 9am to my Aunt standing over my bed saying "wake
up, wake up, I need to leave for work, your Uncle has already left so I got
stuck waking you up." I got out of bed and walked her to the front door. She
said that she had left 40 dollars on the table for lunch for the kids and hidden lolita pics to
take them to a movie or something. So while they were at work I helped my
cousins with their homework, and then took them out for a slice of pizza and a
movie. After the movie they wanted to go to the park so I took them and they
were there for over 2 hours when I noticed it was about 4pm. I gathered them
together and we went back to their house.My Uncle had already been home for about a half hour since he would leave
for work at 6am and leave work at 3pm. When I got there he was sitting in his
office doing some work and he asked the kids to not bother him. After an hour
he called me into his office and said that my tgp lolita nn nudes Aunt will be here any moment
and that I should gather my things as she was going to drive me home. I
and packed my things, but also thinking if he would say anything to anyone
about us and what we did last night.So I confronted him and asked, he said "I won't tell anyone but you need to
promise you won't either, I could get in a lot of trouble and be in jail,
would you want me to be in jail?" I responded "hell no, I promise I will not
a soul about what happened last night, and I hope it would happen again". He
smirked and then I heard the car beep, it was my Aunt waiting outside.I said "well I should go", "looking forward to playing with you again Uncle
Charlie." lolita top 100 com That's when he stopped me in my tracks pulled me to him and gave me
a big kiss on the lips with a bit of tongue then grabbed my ass and slapped
it a bit, and said "There will defiantly be another time".I got home around 7pm because preteen lolita tgp pics there was a bit of traffic. My Aunt didn't
stay long, only about a half hour talking to my mother. Before she left she
thanked me for watching and doing stuff today with the kids and gave me 50
dollars and asked if I would want to repeat it again. All I could think about
was me and my Uncle and what we were to do in the future, screw the money.After she had left I went online and started talking to some of my gay
friends but not telling them what happened, but rather trying to find people
so I
could practice and make everything perfect for the next session.Throughout that week all I could think about was what me and my Uncle had
done and when would be the next time. When the weekend hit my Aunt, Uncle and
cousins came over. When I saw my Uncle alone I ran up to him and gave him a big
hug, a kiss and grabbed at his cock. He stopped me and said "another time,
there will always be another time."After a few hours I had went upstairs to my room to jerk off just thinking
about him. Then I heard a faint sound of an argument so I went to check it
out. It was my Father and my Uncle arguing but I couldn't make out what they
were arguing about. Soon they were finished, and then my Aunt, Uncle and
left to go home.Two weeks later my Aunt calls me and asks if I can watch my cousins I
happily say yes just waiting to see what would happen next with my Uncle and I.So my mother drops me off at my Aunt's house and says have fun. I gave her a
kiss on the cheek and said my goodbye. I went inside to see my Aunt not there
yet from work. So I proceed to my Uncle's office to see if we could do
something now or if there was a plan for tonight. Soon as I saw him I ran up
him and gave him a hug. But there was a problem, I tried to give him a kiss
he turned his head away so I couldn't. I stared at him in confusion and he
said we can't anymore Daniel at least not for a while. I was so bummed out,
that my plans with my cousins went down the drain. But I was soon to cheer up
the next day and took lolita dark top sites them out.Over the next three years me and my Uncle did nothing other then a usual hug
and talk. I had never brought it up because I was patiently awaiting the
approval of my Uncle to start playing together again. But I was soon to find
the reason why we stopped playing around.....To Be Continued...Watch out for the next story. It will contain a three way and a father and
son encounter.
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